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Winter Skin Care Tips

1. Change your cleansers and creams

With the winter months upon us, the cold air is much dryer and can pull moisture from your skin. It is important to use gentler skin cleansers and heavier creams to hydrate and minimize moisture loss. We recommend using Obagi ZO Renewal Cream

2. Don’t forget the sunscreen

As we venture outside in the winter, the sun’s UV light will have the same damaging effect on unprotected skin. Don’t be fooled by the grey days of winter because there is always UV light present. It has been shown that UV light damages the collagen and elastin fibers under our skin resulting in premature wrinkling and sagging. To prevent this, we recommend using Obagi ZO Sunscreen & Primer which provides the full SPF 30 protection.

3. Don’t forget the lips

Chapped lips are a common problem in the winter and this is because the skin on the lips is thinner (5-6 layers) than the rest of your skin (15-16 layers). This means that moisture loss in the lips will be greater in the dry winter air resulting in cracked lips. Also, it is important to protect the lips from the harmful UV light. We recommend using Obagi ZO lip rebuild..

4. Spend less time in the shower

It’s a fact that taking long, hot showers accelerate the drying of our skin and this is especially true in the winter. We recommend taking shorter showers and moisturizing immediately after drying off. If you prefer baths, adding essential oils to your bath will coat the skin in a fine layer of oil slowing down moisture loss.

5. Remember to keep exfoliating

Using a mild scrub to exfoliate is important to maintain that healthy glow and stimulates the generation of new skin. We recommend Obagi ZO Exfoliating Polish the which contains magnesium crystals from the dead sea and provides a gentle exfoliation.

6. When possible, wear gloves

Winter can dry out your hands quickly, potentially resulting in cracked skin. This condition can be particularly painful especially around the finger tips. To prevent the drying of skin it advisable to start wearing gloves as soon as it starts getting cold and continue using them until the spring.Moisturizing your hands frequently is also important to prevent drying. Choose heavier hand creams or salves as these will provide the best barrier against dryness.

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