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"I do it for myself..."

Many women come to me feeling shy and nervous when asking about botox and fillers. They don't want to "look like those crazy stars on television with the big lips, and the weird faces." Unfortunately, some celebrities have tainted Medical Esthetics with the duck lips, and the frozen appearances. Yet, there is a middle ground.

We have all had those early morning look in the mirror moments when we dread "that line" or those bags under our eyes. We start the day feeling negatively about our appearance, and that negativity can carry on into the day.

My personal philosophy in Medical Esthetics is that women improve the aspects of themselves that make them feel better about their overall appearance. "I do it for myself" is a phrase that I also hear on a day to day basis when a client returns for her botox to help the appearance of her crows feet, or to treat her nasolabial folds with a dermal filler.

Medical Esthetics should be individual. At Whitby Med Spa we don't seek to make you look unnatural, over-done, or plastic. We want you to feel good about yourself. Small things that change in a woman's appearance can make her feel better about herself overall - and that can cascade into more positivity in her life.

The better we feel about ourselves, the better we can make our lives.

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